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3 Keys to Teaching Africentric Music: Identity & Outlook

Do you want to deepen your practice in culturally relevant music education? In this webinar, I present three foundational steps to structuring a meaningful context for curriculum and instruction in Africentric music, with a focus on teachers’ identity and outlook. This webinar is for music teachers and administrators in schools, community organizations and studios. Once you register, you will be able to access the replay later, whether you attend the live webinar or have to miss it for any reason. Sat, Nov 21, 1:00pm ET.
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Ten Black Sacred Songs

This short course presents a snapshot of ten beloved songs that serve as a cross-section of American Black sacred music traditions. Every American should know these 10 iconic songs! Do you lump all Black sacred music into one category and label it "gospel music?" This ebook will give you an eye-opening and inspiring experience of the wide range of Black sacred music styles and practices. Plus, links to YouTube videos take you right into the sound and suggested activities help you teach them in the classroom!
Author: Dr. Georgiary Bledsoe
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The Story Behind "Ten Black Sacred Songs"

The inspiration behind "Ten Black Sacred Songs Every American Should Know."
Author: Dr. Georgiary Bledsoe
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Still Going On

This teachers guide enables teachers to explore the music of selected African American composers. Author: Boyd Gibson
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Who is Roland Hayes?

This teachers guide raises awareness about the groundbreaking efforts of the first African American tenor to sing on the Boston Symphony stage. Author: Boston Symphony Orchestra Education Advisory Committee
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