Professional Development Workshops 2020-2021

  • For school or district-wide groups of up to 50 teachers
  • Currently scheduling for October 2020 through June 2021
  • Workshops will be taught virtually on the Zoom platform
  • Workshops are taught by Dr. Georgiary Bledsoe
What structure of knowledge  shapes the way you present African American music to your students? The approaches you learned in teacher training may actually dilute and mask Black musical practice. BaobaoTree professional development workshops go straight to the heart of the matter by addressing identity, culture, praxis, values and core musical principals. Prepare for transformation.

1. Culture and Identity: Who Are You, Musically?
Addresses the ways that culture and identity impact the music classroom; and how awareness of cultural value systems can foster effective intercultural praxis.

2. The “What” of Black Music: Africa and its Diaspora 
Provides clarity about the role of race, heritage and culture. Defines terms like “music of the African diaspora” and “Black music” and "African American music."

3. Africentric Praxis: Best Practices
Explains the Africentric Praxis of Teaching for Freedom and how it can be applied to music education curriculum and pedagogy. 

4. The “Why” of Black Music: 9 African Diasporan Values
Presents nine research-based Africentric values and how they apply to social emotional learning in music education settings.

5. The “How” of Black Music: Weaving the Strands Together
Advances a set of Core Principles that drive musical technique and competency.
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