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BaobaoTree provides tools for teaching music of the African diaspora. Branch out. Teach Africentric music with authenticity, context and confidence.
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Professional Development

What structure of knowledge  shapes the way you present African American music to your students? The approaches you learned in teacher training may actually dilute and mask Black musical practice. BaobaoTree professional development workshops go straight to the heart of the matter by addressing identity, culture, praxis, values and core musical principals.
Prepare for transformation.
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What curricular resources do you use for teaching African American music? What cultural values do they reflect? BaobaoTree's expert team of curriculum developers is hard at work on our first K-12 Curriculum Guide. Join our mailing list to keep abreast of product announcements. For now, please enjoy these resources.
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Many of these things I can use in my daily life and are helpful when it comes to expanding my teaching. I found everything covered useful. Enjoyed processing the information!!
I LOVE the concise format packed with a wealth of information, resources & teaching suggestions. This course is an amazing work. It gave me a wealth of ideas! I look forward to the next 10 song list!
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Dr. Georgiary Bledsoe

I draw on my role as a tradition-bearer in Black music and on decades of experience as a college professor, conductor, pianist and non-profit leader to help educators expand their mindset and widen their  learning frameworks for teaching and learning Africentric music. More...